Chrono Crusade by Daisuke Moriyama


Story/Art by: Daisuke Moriyama
Japanese Name: Chrno Crusade
Status of Series: Complete (8 volumes)

Synopsis: Sister Rosette Christopher, an exorcist working as a part of the Magdala Order, has a duty to fight the demons which appear and cause destruction. But along with her companion Chrono, she usually ends up causing more destruction than the demons themselves! On one particular mission, they meet a young girl with a beautiful voice named Azmaria, who is being targeted by her own stepfather. As Rosette and Chrno work to save her, more is revealed about the relationship between them. There is more to these two than meets the eye. (Source: ADV)

5 stars

My Thoughts: I was a little hesitant about this series because of the possible religious aspect. However, to my relief, it was not strong at all. I absolutely love the art and the plot. Not to mention that Chrono is easy on the eyes when in his true form. The action is awesome. The romance is awesome. Everything is awesome. I may reread this series soon, and I will do a volume by volume review.


Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa

fullmetal alchemist

Story/Art by: Hiromu Aikawara
Japanese Name: Hagane no Renkinjutsushi
Status of Series: Complete (27 volumes)

Synopsis: Brothers Edward and Alphose are searching for a way to return their bodies back to normal. In a world where alchemy has the power to change the world, the brothers attempted to perform the forbidden — to bring their mother back to life. Alchemy requires equal trade, so they lost what was the most important to them, each other. Along their journey they make many enemies and allies as well as the truth of their nation and the world.

4 stars

My Thoughts: Wow. I just made it sound really dumb. Anyway, this is one of the more popular manga since it has two anime seasons that are dubbed. I watched the first anime before reading this, and was really surprised. It was very different and much deeper. The second anime (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood) follows the manga very well, which I was happy to see. The manga may be rather long, but there is hardly ever a dull moment. Either you are in suspense, action, or laughing. This is one of my favorite manga and I am proud to say to have the whole series.

Pay It Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Pay it Forward

Synopsis: Trevor’s new teacher, Reuben, gave his class an extra credit assignment that he always gave out. The assignment was the change the world — to make it better. The idea Trever comes up with is very simple. You do something big for three people, like you would for you mother or someone really close, and instead of them repaying you they “pay it forward” to three more people.

4 stars

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My Thoughts: I received the movie rendition of this book a long time ago, and thought it was a very nice movie. When I found it was based off a book, I quickly added to my list. I will have to rewatch the movie now that I have read the book. Anyway, I really connected with this book because I believe you should always try to help other people out, even in small ways. This book is not just about Trevor, but some of the other people in has effected. Oddly, I kept feeling this was part of The Host toward the end, which made me laugh.

Read April 15, 2013 — April 25, 2013

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne

The Boy in the Striped PajamasSynopsis: This story takes place in 1942 Germany. Bruno’s father receives a promotion within the German military and the family is forced to move to accommodate his new position. Eight year old Bruno does not like this move because he left all he knew behind. His friends, grandparents, and his beloved town are all far away. The new home is nothing like his old one. Everything is of less quality. There are no children near by from him to play with. Over time, he explores the house and the surrounding woods. During one adventure, he reaches the fence he can see from his bedroom window. As luck would have it, someone is near the fence on the other side. A chance encounter changes their lives. A unknown (to the boys) forbidden friendship is born between a son of a Nazi officer and a Jewish boy.

4 stars

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My Thoughts: First, I saw the movie and thought it was really interesting. When I found out it was based off a book, I knew I had to read it. I believe this is considered a children’s book, even though the ideas and what is going on is very serious. It is told from eight year old Bruno’s point of view. He sees things that he does not understand, but we as readers probably do. This is an excellent story to illustrate that children do not have the same views of the world as adults. When Bruno sees Shmuel, he sees a boy just like himself. For the most part, the movie follows the book fairly well. However, the ending in the book is different. I like the ending in the movie much better. The same thing happened basically, but the reactions from the parents and his sister are … melodramatic.

Read September 17, 2012 — September 25, 2012

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

The Help

Synopsis: During the 1960’s there was still strong segregation between black and white people. Black people were treated unfairly. This book focuses on Aibileen, a maid who works for the Leefolt family. Maids in this area and time were expected to raise and care for the children of the household as well as cleaning and other things. However, they were not treated with any respect, even though they were raising someone else’s children. With in this book, an almost unplanned group effort starts to change people’s views.

3 stars

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My Thoughts: The movie focused on Skeeter, but the book was more about Aibileen (I read the book first). Anyway, this book opened my eyes to something I didn’t think had ever happened. I live in a northern state, so it was hard to understand how people thought. The book was interesting. I do not remember why I gave it three stars, but I believe it had something to do with the ending. I am not too sure.

Read June 5, 2012 — June 12, 2012