Review Policy

Last Updated: 12-20-14

Petrichor Reviews blog is a place where we speak our opinion of books we have read. Typically, we get these through our own means (buying, library, etc).

Individually we decided which books to read. We will accept book requests that we like.

All requests will be responded to as soon as possible.

Offers of books for review will be discussed with the team. There is no grantee of acceptance of a book. If the book is accepted, we will disclose it as such in the review. We do not grantee a specific date for reviews to be completed.

We accept print, Kindle (mobi), pdf, and audiobooks. For our review, you can expect a short (probably less than two paragraphs) of our thoughts. Our styles vary and change over time.

Magnus, CK, and Muricata will review books that they disliked. Their review will be as objective as possible, but opinions will be given.

We are not writing reviews anywhere else.

Here is a quick list of genres that we like and dislike.


science fiction

high school

The best way to submit a book request would be in our Suggest a Book page. Also, you can contact Magnus via email (

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