About Us

MagnusI am currently 23 years old but I am still a kid at heart. I go to college full time and work part time. Most of my free time I am reading. I am a huge anime and manga fan. I like to play Sims 3, but I hardly ever get a chance to play.

I have enjoyed reading since a very young age (like when I had to be read to). I really got into reading in junior high, when I had to read so many books for my English class. I wanted to  go way beyond what was required. I read what was available of the Harry Potter series and several other books. As mentioned in my review of The Silver Kiss, I fell in love with vampires and other supernatural things. After high school, I did not read as much for some reason. Last year, I started up again and I realized how much I miss it.

You can contact me via e-mail bookwormmagnus@gmail.com~

Even though I have chosen a very manly username, I am a woman. Just throwing that out there.


CKIGHTI am 22 years old. I’m married to my high school sweetheart. I know cheesey but it’s the truth. I am a new mom and spend most of my time taking care of my baby boy and cleaning the house since I’m a stay at home mom now.  When I’m not working around the house I sit and read. I don’t go anywhere without a book (hard copy or electronic copy). If I don’t have any books around me I get upset. I like to play The Sims 3, we actually started a blog about it awhile back ago but since neither one of us has the time to play we haven’t been posting. I love all different types of books. Romance, supernatural, suspense, mystery, and thrillers are some of my favorites. I have always been into reading, my mom use to read all the time and I think that’s where I get it from. I don’t know if I have to specify but I am also a woman. Also I don’t have any cool sims picture of myself right now to post on here. Hope you guys enjoy our blog!

XandraI am 18 years old and Magnus’ younger sister. I am still in high school and I will be graduating next year.

I love listening to music. I prefer to read graphic novels. I find them more entertaining. Like the others I enjoy playing The Sims games — more than other actually. I actually introduced it to my sister. I plan to review manga in the future. I will gladly take any suggestions and hope it will be an awesome experience.


MuricataI enjoy reading several different genres. However, mystery and romance are my favorite. I have loved reading ever since I can remember.

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