Resource: Book Mooch

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I may be slow with things that are awesome, but I got an account with Book Mooch at the beginning of the month. I weeded out my book shelf — the ones I truly did not want or wanted a different version of. If you do not know about it here is what I know so far.

You put your books up and offer them to people. If someone wants it, they will send you a request which you can accept or reject. If you accept, you will see the person’s address and you will send the book to them at your expense (not expensive!). On the flip side, you can mooch books off of people at no cost to you!

So, basically just pay for the postage of the books you giveaway.

You earn a points when you register, add books that no one else is offering (0.1 a point, but those add up) , and when someone mooches off of you.

Tips & Stuff:

– It took me forever to realize that you can view book descriptions (which you add when you add a book) when you click the “mooch this book” button. Once you hit that button you can pick when person you want to mooch from, and the book description will be there.

– After researching it, the cheapest way to send books out is to buy envelopes from the store and send the book media mail.  Depending on the weight, most of the books I have sent were not over $4 a piece.



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