Top Ten Tuesday #7

toptentuesdayHost: The Broke & Bookish

This week I am going to do my top book related fears/things that make me angry. Similar to my last one.

1. I am scared physical books will a thing of the past. I worry about this so much that I have to decided not to buy any more electronic books if I can avoid it. I use my Kindle mostly for library books now, if a physical book is not available.

2. Along the lines of the previous one, is not being able to find a hard cover copy of a book I really like drives me crazy! Even worse is not being able to find a copy at all! This is the case for a few of my novels and several of my manga.

3. I don’t have very many friends who enjoy to read like I do, but I do get the occasional request from a classmate or coworker to borrow a book. I like sharing my love for books (obviously), but when it comes to some handling my babies books I get a little freaked out. My friends know to take care of my books or they will pay dearly.

4. I get upset when I am reading a great book but have no one to really talk to about it. CK and I enjoy similar books, but we are often reading different stuff. She is really my only friend who enjoys books that I see in real life.

5. I mentioned this before, but I really dislike when people earmark pages. I like keeping the book in the best shape possible. I have my manga in plastic protectors for goodness’ sake!

6. Its not a huge problem as of yet in my collection, but different book sizes are annoying. I have the huge The Host sitting beside the Twilight books, and it looks odd. Most of my manga looks all nice and neat in comparison.

7. I am not the best at pronouncing names, so characters with difficult names make me nervous. I often pretend to not remember the name so not to look too foolish.

8. I dislike movie covers on books. Even if it looks better than the original.

9.  Sometimes I have trouble getting comfortable when reading. I usually need a pillow or something to support the book, which is a pain in the summer.

10. I wish I had more time to read!


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