Top Ten Tuesday #4


Host: The Broke & Bookish

This may be a little weird, but I am going to be my top ten bookworm habits/feelings, etc.

1. I am not too fond of paperbacks (I prefer hardbacks).

2. I get upset when I see people earmarking books.

3. I flip the front of my bookmark to face the page I am. I have done this since I was in jr. high.

4. I freaking love libraries.

5. I usually just buy books I have already read and love.

6. I love my Kindle, but I try not to use it because I fear that physic books will vanish (which would break my heart).

7. I will NOT read a series that is still ongoing. I will simply wait until it is done. I have made this mistake with I Am Number Four. Now I am waiting for the end and I will reread the first books.

8. I will never by a book with a movie cover again. I have some, but I am working on replacing them.

9. I have a spread sheets for the books I want to read (and other stuff), similar to the pages I have made. Without them I would feel lost.

10. I have been yearning for a large book store within the area where I live. Residing in a rural area leaves few options. There are two small bookstores in different near by towns (20-40 minutes away). I can order specific books, but I love to browse and their available books are limited.


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