Top Ten Tuesday #2

toptentuesdayHost: The Broke and the Bookish

These are my top ten things I would like to work on as a reader:

1. Read more in general

2. Read more manga

3.  Maybe  finish Black Bird

4. I would like explore more manga (please suggest some to me!)

5. I want to read more romance

6. I would like to read more about vampires

7.  I would like to read about m/m or f/f romance

8. I would like to finish a normal novel

9. I would like to read a book before watching the movie

10.  Read ten books this year


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #2

  1. There are so many great mangas out there that it’s hard to pinpoint one that you may enjoy. I’d simply suggest going to a site where you an read it online and skim through series (or genres) and look for art and/or storylines that you might enjoy. Though, word of advice is to maybe look for completed series instead of ongoing so you don’t have to wait 1 month per chapter (or longer for some series).

    But certainly let me know what kind of genre you enjoy reading about and ‘ll try to steer you in a direction!

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

      • From a quick gloss over the BakaUpdates Manga search, the only one that comes across that I recognize are like.. Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Chrno Crusade, and Sword Art Online–that fit those four categories. But I think if it were just me, I’d just go look at top 1000 manga’s or something and then just read the synopsis haha.


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