Top Ten Tuesday #1

toptentuesdayHost: The Broke and the Bookish

My top ten genres would have to be (not really in any order):


1. fiction — I love how authors can create worlds and people. They can take us readers away with just words. It amazes me.

2. supernatural — I have loved supernatural stuff since I was young. I just can’t seem to get enough of it!

3. fantasy — This is similar to supernatural. I love entering different realms and having crazy adventures.

4. science fiction — I don’t think I have read as many science fiction books as the other genres. I don’t like mecha or steampunk too much though.

5. romance — I have avoided many popular pure romance novels because I thought I did not like them. I am slowly growing into the higher level of this genre.

6. young adult — I may be getting too old for this age group, but I still enjoy reading YA novels.

7. realistic fiction — From time to time I like to take a break from the fantasy books and read a realistic fiction book. It makes me feel that life can be more exciting.

8. mystery — I do not like crime mysteries. However, I love when there is a huge mystery lurking in the plot. It makes everything so exciting.

9. m/m romance — What can I say? 😉

10. dystopia — I have always liked this genre, well before I knew it had a name. I am not sure why I like this genre so much.


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