No. 6: Beyond by Atsuko Asano


Synopsis: This book explores some of the past, as well as Shion and Nezumi’s activities after the final novel. Some events that are mentioned within the previous novels are run through with more detail (small spoiler: When Inukashi first meet Nezumi).

4 stars

Read Via: Fan-translated pdf file (Nostalgia on 9th Avenue)

My Thoughts: I threw a lot of my hopes into this novel. At first, I was disappointed but I quickly became to really enjoy because all the major stress from the conflict had been removed. However, there are new concerns that have popped at the end! Now, I am left wondering how everything will truly end. To the best of my knowledge this series is complete, so I guess it is left up to our imagination.

Read February 15, 2014 — February 18, 2014

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