No. 6 Volume 9 by Atsuko Asano

11826337Synopsis: The boys struggle and fight through the final battle within the story. With everything falling down on top of them will they be able to survive? There is total chaos everywhere.

4 stars

Read Via: Fan-translated pdf file (Nostalgia on 9th Avenue)

My Thoughts: This is the final volume but there is a small side story and a big one. There is a huge build up but the final battle went smoothly and quickly. The ending is more detailed than the anime, which is the first and only real big difference that I have noticed. I was hoping for more romance.

This includes a side story called Days in the West Block (can be downloaded separately) at the end, which was part of the limited edition of the fourth volume of the manga. It was kind of sweet.

Read February 2, 2014 — February 14, 2014

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