Coming Back……A Little At A Time

I am currently trying to read a book. Finally I know. It’s the first book that I’ve bought in the last 10 months that I have actually been excited about reading so hopefully I will be able to get through it. I probably won’t be able to read it very fast and I probably won’t be about to post a blog right away since I am taking care of a baby now. I only have time to read while he is sleeping and that is mostly only through the day but I’m normally so tired that I am sleeping too. Once I can get him on a better schedule I will be able to read more and post more blogs so just bare with me for a month or so. I also can’t remember what books I have done reviews on and what still needs review so I will probably have to re-read the books that still need reviews since it’s been a little while but I will try to get those out as soon as I can. I’m going to go read before the baby wakes up, thanks for being understanding.

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