Pure Blood Volume 1 by Akane Aoki

Pure Blood Volume 1Story/Art By: Akane Aoki
Japanese Title: Pure Blood
Status of Series: Complete (2 volumes)

Synopsis: Leon is a pure-blooded vampire that has chosen to peacefully coexist with humans. As a sign of his pure-blooded status, Leon shares a bond with a “deterrent,” Noah. Noah’s power suppresses the base instinct to drink human blood. Despite granting Leon this freedom, Noah still worries about his own unstable power and perceived weakness. Together, they investigate strange incidents and perform occult jobs. After all, even vampires have bills to pay. (MAL)

3 stars My Thoughts: This manga has been on my to read list for a long time. I started reading it years ago, and was unable to finish it. At the time I liked the story, however, it seems rather bland now. I like the art and the characters. There is a lack of a true story line. Each chapter is just a random adventure. Since this series is so story, this is not good.

Read January 5, 2014

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