Happy New Year!

I hope everyone will have a happy and safe New Years Day. Each of us will be celebrating our own way. I know that our blog has not been doing very well. Part of it is due to lack of actual entries. I didn’t reach my goal of 40 books. I finished the year with reading 36 books. I will try again for 40 this year.

We finished the year with 97 reviews all together. That’s 8 graphic novels and 6 Japanese literature novels. As of today we have 54 subscribers and 49 comments.

I am going to very busy until May with school. I will be having a class everyday (and they are hard classes) and working four days a week. CK will be having her son very soon, so she will be busy with him. Xandra will be finishing up her senior of high school. However, hopefully we will be able to review something.

I am setting some New Year Resolutions for this blog.

  • reach 100 subscribers
  • review 150 books all together
  • have a give away
  • reach out and connect with other blogs

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