Pulled in Ten Different Directions!

I have been back to college for going on four weeks now. It is crazy how much reading I have to do. So much so, I have been reading very little of each thing.

EDIT 9/18/13: I found out that I don’t have to read the whole book, so I am not. I have too much to read.  For my Social Problems class, I have to read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, which I have made some progress. For my Literary Imagination class, as you can imagine, involves quite a bit of reading each week and a book a some point soon. Then I have to read my whole text book for my last two classes.

The only real progress I make is with books on CD I have been listening on my way to/from class (40 lovely minutes) and anywhere else.

However, I plan to put forth more effort this week and hopefully finish a book or two. I mean The Fall of Five came out almost a month ago and I can’t even read it. I bought it and everything. 😦


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