No. 6 Volume 3 by Atsuko Asano

3[9]Synopsis: Shion is trying to become more independent as he accepts a job Inukashi offers. He also tries to get a better understanding of the world he lives in. Information is gathering that Safu is being held for unknown reasons. Nezumi decides to keep the note sent from Karan secret from Shion.

4 stars

Read Via: Fan-translated pdf file (Nostalgia on 9th Avenue)

My Thoughts: The action is getting ready to really start. I am not sure how the rest of the volumes will play out. As far as I can remember, the anime follows the light novels fairly well. So, I have a basic idea of what will happen. As in the other volumes, there is a ton more character development or maybe more understanding as some history is revealed. Pieces are coming together slowly.

Read August 20, 2013 — August 22, 2013

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