No. 6 Volume 2 by Atsuko Asano

Synopsis: Shion has escaped death, for now, thanks to Nezumi. However, he slowly begins to realize that life outside the wall of the city isn’t quite the same as it is within. Nezumi shows no mercy for Shion.Tension grows within Nezumi because the white haired boy is completely different from himself. They both are having a hard time figuring each other out.

4 stars

Read Via: Fan-translated pdf file (Nostalgia on 9th Avenue)

My Thoughts: This volumes is building up tension. There are glimpses of what is to come. They boys are are having a tough time dealing with each other because they are both so different. They are searching for answers to many things, but only find an answer to a few things. Also, there is a brief but powerful preview of what the West Block is really like.

Read August 16, 2013 — August 20, 2013

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