Might be coming back soon…….

So as you all know I’ve been in a reading slump. I’ve been able to listen to audiobooks and get through them but I only listen to them before bed and then I don’t have time to blog about them through the day but I’m going to try. I also read a sample of a book last night thinking I wouldn’t get into it anyways but I was wrong. I really want to buy the book and I talked to my husband and he said I might be able to get it this week maybe. I might go up to the library tomorrow since I have to make copies of things and see if anything jumps out at me that I might want to read. The few books I have with me right now just don’t seem that interesting to me at the moment. I also thought about re-reading some of my favorite books that I haven’t reviewed yet so I can refresh my memory and write something. I have a few more audiobooks that I still have to finish and review which I will try to do soon. But once I finish the audiobooks I’m not getting anymore because I can’t afford to renew my membership. Well hopefully I’ll get back to you soon with some reviews.


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