Wicked Werewolf Passion by Lisa Renee Jones

Wicked Werewolf PassionSynopsis: This book goes it Shi’s past and present. He mentioned in the previous book will a few details of what happened to him. His past isn’t exactly explored completely, but he does explain it a little more.
3 stars

Contains adult content.

Read Via: Kindle (own it)
My Thoughts: At first, I really didn’t like Shi but he kind of grew on me a little. Carmen not so much. She just seems kind of odd. There seemed to be more intimate and romance moments in this book. However, this is probably my least favorite of the three books in the bundle.

Note: I found while reading the second book, that there will be more books in this series in the future. Also, there is the series that comes before this one. I will be reading neither. The stories are interesting and the world of the story is pretty cool but I want to move on to something else.

Read May 29, 2013 — June 1, 2013

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