Pay It Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Pay it Forward

Synopsis: Trevor’s new teacher, Reuben, gave his class an extra credit assignment that he always gave out. The assignment was the change the world — to make it better. The idea Trever comes up with is very simple. You do something big for three people, like you would for you mother or someone really close, and instead of them repaying you they “pay it forward” to three more people.

4 stars

Read Via: Paperback Book (own it)

My Thoughts: I received the movie rendition of this book a long time ago, and thought it was a very nice movie. When I found it was based off a book, I quickly added to my list. I will have to rewatch the movie now that I have read the book. Anyway, I really connected with this book because I believe you should always try to help other people out, even in small ways. This book is not just about Trevor, but some of the other people in has effected. Oddly, I kept feeling this was part of The Host toward the end, which made me laugh.

Read April 15, 2013 — April 25, 2013

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