Angel by James Patterson


Synopsis: Max does not know how to deal with her emotions after Fang left her and the flock. She has never experienced loss like that before. Fang his building is own group of kids that have been experimented on. A new threat surfaces out of nowhere and it is spreading fast. The Doomsday Group promises to make the Earth better but at what cost?

4 stars

Read Via: Hardback Book (library)

My Thoughts: This is the seventh and second to last book in the Maximum Ride series. I had a harder time getting into this book for some reason. I think it was a combination of getting tired of reading a story like this and things going on in my life. I am not sure how I feel about the whole new relationship situation. I believe I am in team Fang, which I was in like the first book. Overall, exciting book. Never really have a chance to get bored, just like the other books. Oddly (or maybe not), this series is making want to do more for the environment, which I already think like that. It just makes me what to do more.

Read February 21, 2013 — March 6, 2013

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