Sunblood by Maria Mora


Blurb:Caleb, sub-citizen 45201, is a psychic slave in the massive biodome known as the City — the only civilized community left on his wasted planet. He can’t remember his life before he was taken to the City and experimented on by scientists trying to control his unusual gift. Despite having no rights, Caleb knows his life isn’t all that bad. His Keeper, Daniel, secretly allows him to play in the minds of the City’s inhabitants. Caleb likes Daniel — probably more than he should — and once in a while the cafeteria has some delicious cookies. Caleb’s small freedoms don’t seem like all that much until even those are threatened. When Caleb is targeted by those who fear his powers, he discovers exactly how much he has to lose.

4 stars

Read Via: Kindle (own it)

My Thoughts: Warning. Man on man romance. There is nothing graphic, but I just wanted to through the warning out there. I love this ebook! It was a really good story. However, it was too short. It could have been expanded. Maria Mora created a world and unique characters. I wish so much that there was more.

Read December 14, 2012 — December 16, 2012


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