Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James

Fifty Shades of Grey

Synopsis: Anastasia Steele is finishing up her senior year in college. Due to her best friend and room mate being sick, she has to interview entrepreneur Christian Grey. Before the interview, Anastasia knew next to nothing about this young rich business man. There is something between them that pulls themselves to each other. Christian goes looking for her, just to see her again. He quickly realizes that he wants her. He tries to get close to her the only way he knows home, by contract. A BDSM contract.

4 stars

In case you didn’t get the memo,
Definitely for adults only.

Read Via: Paperback Book (borrowed from CK)

My Thoughts: I am sure you may have seen the cover, seen people reading it or at least heard of the book. I have heard a lot of bashing and praise for this book. First off, this book is completely different from what I normally read. CK recommended it to me and let me borrow her copies. I was kind of shocked that a book with such … detail was so popular. Nevertheless, I quickly liked Ana and Christian (okay mostly Christian). If you are not sure if you want to read it or not, I am not sure what to say. If you are comfortable reading about people having sex, then this book may not be for you. I liked the love story between Christian and Ana but I think it would have been just as nice without all the intimidate parts.

Read November 4, 2012 — November 10, 2012

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