The Final Warning by James Patterson

MR - The final Warning

Synopsis: You would think defeating the boss that all the fighting and hiding would come to an end. Wrong. The flock is trying a different approach. Since, they have been caught flying and other things on TV there is no sense in really hiding who they are. Under the care of Max’s biological mother and father, they try to head toward a safer future. This leads to the whole flock going to a different continent. They are going to save the wrong from something mankind has created itself. Even though there are few people where they are, they are still not safe. They loss their safety quickly and are once again fighting for their lives.

4 stars

Read Via: Hardback Book (library)

My Thoughts: Book four in the series. This book is roughly half the size of all the other books so far. I used my little notebook to keep better notes too. There was more character development in this one. Not as much as I would like, but still some is more than none. Some of the kids as develop new abilities, which is exciting. Also, I was able to get this one in hardback (borrowing from library, btw) ! I don’t know if the other volumes are available in hardback. There are several different covers for each books, so it is very likely. Hardback covers are just so much better.

Favorite Quote:

“What happened to your tan?”
“It was dirt.”

Read February 4, 2013 — February 7, 2013

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