Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Ready Player One

Synopsis: The world is very different in the year 2044. Society has been declining for years. Things are not that great. This is very little space left. Electric and fuel are hard to come by. There is only few ways to enjoy life during this time. The OASIS, is that the time of that list. Its a virtual world where anyone can be anything. Not only can it be used for entertain but also for education. Wade Watts, the main character, escapes to this world everyday in search for an egg, a prize. Inside OASIS the creator, James Halliday, has hidden the grand prize, which is his entire fortune before his death. Millions are searching with clues Halliday has left behind.

4 stars

Read Via: Hardback book (library)

My Thoughts: I was unsure about this book at first. Wade is easy to like. You root for him. If you were growing up in the 1980’s (I believe) you might be able to enjoy it more than I. There were a lot of references from that time period. I did not know or understand a lot of those because I grew up in the 1990’s. It was still very good.

Read June 19, 2012 — June 23, 2012


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